Fathers Day War @ The Shore
June 13th - 15th, 2014
Graeme Preston Soccer Marathon
7th Annual
Congratulations to FSL's home grown- RDS and ODP Players
  • Adam Havens plays on the U11 Boys Crew Blue and has been playing in FSL since REC soccer. Adam has also participated in the Red Bulls Regional Development School (RDS)program since 2011, at age 8. 

    Each year, the RDS enter open tournaments with a selection of the top players from within their program for the calendar year.  The tournaments are a one-off opportunity to showcase the young players of their program and represent the New York Red Bulls in competition.  Each year, around 40 of the top players in each age group are invited to the one day try-out for the tournament team, with a final roster of 10 players to be selected.  The RDS program typically has over 3000 participants per year at various locations in NJ, NY, PA, CT and beyond. 

    This year Adam was selected for the for the Final Roster of the RDS Showcase Team and will participate in the Showcase Tournament this Sunday, February 23rd in Lincoln Park, NJ. 


  • U-11 NJYS ODP Young Olympians Program!  Out of  40 - 45 spots 5 Freehold Girls are chosen:


                Jessie  Ciccotto     Arsenal Blue

                Ryann Leohner      Arsenal Blue

                Kira Noseworthy    Arsenal Blue

                Sofia Sacchetti      Arsenal Blue

                Isabella Pures       Arsneal Gold


  • Mark Fasano U16 Freehold Phantoms, is one of three 1998 players selected from NJ to be a Regional Pool Player.
"Head's Up!" - Concussion Training

Governor Christie passed a Law on Sports Concussion Injury Prevention and Management back in December 2010. This law impacts all Youth Soccer Programs run through NJYS that apply to rent out/use HS or Public Parks and Recreation Fields -- besides turning in a Certificate of Insurance, School/Parks and Recs will require require proof that all coaches using these complexes have training in Sports Concussions.

Bottom line -- You MUST take the On Line Course -- NJYS will require coaches submit proof of having taken this course.

Get prepared now-- if you want to coach!

Click HERE obtain Concussion Training -- its simple, FREE and required!

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