Week 4 Referee Schedule

Week 4 Referee Schedule
Friday April 26th Saturday April 13th
Opatut  Jackson Mills
Friday Op #6A Saturday JM #3 JM #4 JM #5
6:45 PM Senior Girls 8:30 AM Boys 4/5 Boys 2/3 Girls 2/3
    Center Hunter Torre Alyssa Rittberg  
    AR Andrew Fata Lawrence Lorman  
    AR Jake Torre Damian Cieciuch  
8:00 PM Senior Girls 9:45 AM Boys 4/5 Boys 2/3 Girls 2/3
Center Caleb Zettell Center   Alyssa Rittberg Julianna Marino
Center Emily Klotz AR   Lawrence Lorman Brianna Napolitano
  AR   Damian Cieciuch Andrew Fata
Saturday April 27th 11:00 AM Boys 4/5 Girls 4/5 Girls 2/3
Jackson Mills Center Hunter Torre Avi Rachlin  
Saturday JM #2 AR Jake Spara Charles Parris  
9:45 AM Senior Boys AR Jake Torre Daniella Figueroa  
Center Douglas Luke 12:15 PM   Girls 4/5 Boys 2/3
AR Elijah Rachlin Center   Avi Rachlin Julianna Marino
AR Ashley Moore AR   Charles Parris Brianna Napolitano
11:00 AM Senior Boys AR   Daniella Figueroa Jake Spara
Center Douglas Luke
AR Elijah Rachlin
AR Ashley Moore

Referee Fees & Important Information



Center Referee

Assistant Referee 1

Assistant Referee 2










  • The e-mail address is: referees@freeholdsoccer.com.  If you are scheduled to referee games in the upcoming week, please do not forget to e-mail the Referee Coordinator ASAP to confirm scheduling.

  • Arrive 20 minutes before game time Friday night at the Opatut Park fields.

  • Saturday morning at the picnic table near the snack stand at the Jackson Mills fields.

  • Fees will be available for pick up on Saturday at the Freehold Soccer League snack stand.

  • Note ** Fees for games officiated on Friday night at Opatut Park will be available for pick up at the Freehold Soccer League snack stand at Jackson Mills on the Saturday following the night game.

Game Cancellation Policies

If Friday night games at Opatut are cancelled:

  • That game will be moved to Jackson Mills Field 1 on Saturday morning at 8:00 AM.

If Saturday games at Jackson Mills are cancelled:

  • Make up games will be played mid-week in the 2 weeks following the Saturday.
  • The Officiating crew original assigned to the cancelled games will have first right to officiate the Make-up games.