Game Schedules
U9G Fire
U9G Revolution
U9G Storm
U12G Flash Gold
U12G Flash Blue
U13G Arsenal Blue
U15B Sting
U14B Falcons
U15G United
U14G Arsenal
U15G Frenzy
U16G Celtic
U16B Wolves
U16B Rebels
U15G Xtreme
U16G Shooters
U16B Phantoms
U16G Spirit
U15G Barracudas
U16G Flames

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Welcome to Freehold Travel Soccer Club

Welcome to Freehold Soccer League where we create and foster an environment for fun and discovery for children from kindergarten to high school.

Over 40 years ago this club was started as a way of introducing the children of the area to this ‘Beautiful game”.  Today, because of the great spirit of volunteerism that exists in our community, we have grown from 4 teams to a club with over 2000 recreation and travel players.
Our philosophy aims to introduce the children of Freehold to the game through the creation of a safe, fun, organized and healthy learning atmosphere which provides our youth with a competitive soccer environment that fosters player development in the game. We emphasize respect for the ROOTS (Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, & Self) of the game as we “Honor the Game” and all of those that participate in any way.
Freehold Soccer
Gender/Age Group Team Coach CONTACT INFORMATION 
Girls       Spirit Kyle Yolinsky
Girls       Strikers Kristine Fata
Boys       Celtic Andy Dreschler
Boys       Arsenal Ray Raya
Girls Storm Bill Kruesi
Girls Revolution Pat Preston
Girls Fire Scott Scherer
Boys Everton Jorge Garcia
Boys Chelsea James O'Conner
Girls Freedom Doug Patmore
Girls Lightning Tom Egan
Boys Thunder Blue Joe Atkinson
Boys Thunder Gold Herb Maloney
Boys  Thunder White  Lee Emerson 
Girls Fury Lou Barbara
Girls Panthers Bill Kruesi
Girls  Wildcats  Derek Rittberg
Boys Scorpions Blue Rich Atkinson
Boys Scorpions Gold Kevin O’Malley
Boys  Scorpions White Bryan Sloan
Girls Flash Blue Thomas Field
Girls Flash Gold  Anthony Gallo
Boys Barca Blue Dennis Mojares
Boys Barca Gold  Mike Bartelli
Girls Arsenal Blue Scott Noseworthy
Girls Arsenal Gold  Herb Maloney
Boys Crew Blue  Craig Kowalski
Boys Crew Gold  Julian Premus
Girls Freedom John O'Brien
Girls United Pat Preston
Girls Frenzy Paul Zuber
Girls Fireballs Rob Barba
Boys Sting  Paul Greitz
Girls Celtic Ken Lemunyon
Girls Shooters Len Shein
Boys Wolves Robbie Bailey  
Boys Rebels Matt Carder
Girls Barracudas Bill Spinner
Boys Evoluntion Stu Schulman
Girls Spirit Stu Schulman
Boys Phantoms Maureen Fasano
 Girls Real Shore Craig Kowalski
 Boys Legacy Scott Preston