Soccer Homework
Do some soccer "homework" everyday, and your skill will improve!

Last Update 12/3/14 @ 8:00 pm

All Sting players are encouraged to spend time with a ball each day.  You will only become more skillful, confident and creative with the ball, if you spend time with the ball. Do some soccer "homework" everyday and the results will show in your improved control. Soccer "homework" includes: 

  • 7 minutes of ball work (every player can find 7 minutes during the day to improve their soccer skills)  
    • Fast footwork touches
    • Quick change of direction moves
    • Effective take on skills 
    • 1000 touches of the ball can be accomplished in about 7 minutes)
      • the only way to improve your control of the ball is to "touch" the ball as often as possible
    • Juggling 
      • Play ball from the ground using the feet (no hands allowed) 
      • At minimum, players should be able to juggle double their age, consistently
      • Try a variety of combinations and patterns using the feet, thighs and head


  • BOXING: tap the ball back and forth quickly using the inside of the right and left foot (weight should be on the toes and the knees should be bent)
  • "V"pull the ball back from the left and across your body using the sole of the right foot, then push the ball forward to the right with the inside of the right foot, pull the ball back from the right and across your body using the sole of the left foot, then push the ball forward to the left with the inside of the left foot, repeat
  • TOE TAPS: alternating the right and left foot, touch the top of the ball lightly and quickly
  • PUSH - PULL: push the ball forward with the instep and pull it back with the sole of the same foot, repeat
  • Unable to upload video direct to the page . . . the link below will have to do. The video below shows 8 footwork skills you should be able to perform quickly and confidently if you spend some time with the ball. Your control, confidence and creativity with the ball will only improve with practice . . .


Spend time with a ball each day - even if it’s just for a few minutes. You’ll be glad that you did, and your improved "touch" will show.  

MOVE OF THE WEEK: Drag Scissors (below)

Commit yourself to learning 3 - 4 moves that you can use consistently under pressure and you’ll become a dangerous player that your opponents will fear.